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Most of you know that my novel's release is only a month away, and things are getting crazy around here. I'm over two weeks late posting to my website because I've been so busy promoting my book and writing guest blog posts. I was also on vacation with my family in Southern California for ten days, so that set me back, too. We had a wonderful time exploring Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Santa Barbara and had very memorable trips to Universal Studios and Disneyland. We were absolutely blown away by Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and the Rise of the Resistance ride. I was so caught up in the magic of the planet Batuu that I left the park with a stuffed Porg on my shoulder!

Instead of my usual posts about history, culture, and books, this month I am providing information about my book's release, giveaways, and upcoming blog tours. You will also get a peek at my novel's opening. It's all so very exciting!


I recently ran a Giveaway on my Facebook and Instagram pages for an advanced copy of my book and a Nine West handbag and wristlet. For those of you who missed the news, the winner of the book is Melissa Tippie, and the winner of the handbag is Kristin Gore. They have already received their prizes. This giveaway was so popular that I plan to do another in a month or two. Apparently, fans of historical fiction also like designer handbags!

If you're still hoping for a free book, my Goodreads Giveaway is running through September 11th. There are ten copies of Beneath the Veil of Smoke and Ash up for grabs. The link to the giveaway is Good luck!

My Blog Tour with The Coffee Pot Book Club is kicking off on September 21st and will run through November 23rd. Below you will find a list of all the blogs where my book will be featured. Some will have excerpts from my novel, while others will have interviews with me or guest posts written by me.

My publicists at BookSparks are hosting a Blog Tour as well. Hopefully, I will have more information in next month's post. I believe it is scheduled for September and October. BookSparks is also working on a book launch, but they haven't finalized the details. I should have more information soon.

This has been an amazing—and sometimes terrifying—journey, and I can't believe my book will be out in a matter of weeks. The feedback from early readers has been very positive, and I am so grateful people are connecting with my characters and getting lost in the world I have created. Check out this spectacular review from Readers' Favorite.

Author Tammy Pasterick delivers a powerful and emotional work that I really took to heart. One of my favorite things about this novel was the author's keen eye for the historical details; the story felt well researched and the setting felt rich. Beneath the Veil of Smoke and Ash exudes atmosphere and intrigue and gripped me from the very first page. The Kovacs' journey is powerful, emotional, and real, and Pasterick does a masterful job of paying homage to the past sacrifices that people like the Kovacs made. The storytelling in this novel is second to none, telling a gripping story of the struggle immigrants faced, whilst keeping twists and turns you won’t see coming that served to keep the story engaging throughout. Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend this novel to fans of action-packed fiction in a historical setting, and those looking for a meaningful story about mental health and the cost of facing our demons.

sneak peek

And now ... here's a sneak peek from my novel's opening. It's short, but you will get the entire first chapter next month. I hope you enjoy it!

Beneath the veil of smoke and ash

June 1910

"Is Lukas going to die, Papa?”

Janos swallowed hard as he forced himself not to look away from his daughter. Sofie’s eyes were red and swollen, her dress caked in the dried blood of her little brother. The horrors of the day had followed them home.

“The doctors have done all they can for him,” Janos said as he touched Sofie’s shoulder. “It’s in God’s hands now.”

“Will Mama come with us to the hospital tomorrow? Lukas will want her there when he wakes up.”

Another wave of nausea hit Janos as he wiped a bead of sweat from his temple. Where was Karina? Her son was barely clinging to life, and she was nowhere to be found. He wasn’t sure whether to be worried or angered by her absence. “Of course, zlatíčko,” he stammered. “I know she’d want to be at your brother’s side.”

Suddenly, Janos heard urgent footsteps climbing the steps to the back porch. As he sprang to his feet to open the door, his sister, Anna, burst into the room, her face ashen.

“The police are coming,” she said breathlessly. “There’s been a murder in the Heights. They’re looking for the woman who works for Henry Archer.”

Janos gasped. “A murder?”

“Was it Mr. Archer?” Sofie clutched her chest.

“I don’t know. The neighbors are speaking to the detectives now. I didn’t hang around long enough to get the details.” Anna scanned the room. “Has Karina come home yet?”

Janos shook his head. “Still haven’t seen her since last night.”

Anna’s eyes grew wide.

And then it struck him. Janos stumbled backwards onto the kitchen table, gripping its edge for support. Lukas hadn’t been confused. He was telling the truth.

“I’m going back down the street to see what I can find out,” Anna said as she rushed toward the door. “Maybe I can stall the police.”

“Sofie,” Janos whispered to his daughter. “Go up to bed and stay there.”

“Yes, Papa,” she replied, her lip quivering.

“And one more thing . . . don’t tell anyone what Lukas saw at the train station this morning.”


Click on the link below to preorder. You will be taken to my website's "Book" page where you will be given several choices for ordering. You can also ask your local bookstore to order a copy since my novel has traditional distribution through Ingram Publisher Services. The official release date for my book is September 21st.

A sneak peek at Chapter one is coming soon!

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18 ago 2021

How exciting. LOVE the cover. I wish you all the luck with the launch. I can't wait to get mine. Amazon notified me of the upcoming purchase. Soon I will have it in my hands.

Me gusta
18 ago 2021
Contestando a

Thanks so much, Elizabeth! ☺️ I appreciate all your support through this crazy journey. Can't wait to read FINDING JANE this fall!

Me gusta
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