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I have exciting news for all you bargain hunters out there! My eBook is on sale through June 7th for only 99 CENTS. That's right! You can get my book for less than a dollar. 😮 Already read it? No problem! Visit the websites of any of the retailers listed in the graphic to gift it to your friends and family. I won't tell anyone how much you spent!

Here are the links:




Open the "Books" app on your iPhone and simply type "Beneath the Veil of Smoke and Ash" into the search bar.



I hope you all have a wonderful summer. I plan to take a break from book promotion for a while so that I can dive into my very high TBR stack. It's full of historical fiction, a few thrillers, a couple YA novels, and even some memoir. My son just finished reading Maus by Art Spiegelman, and he put it at the very top of my pile. It's hard to believe I haven't read it yet, given my obsession with World War II history.

I'll post an update on all my favorite summer reads in a few months. Hopefully, I'll have some more She Writes Press book deals to share as well. Until then ... HAPPY READING TO YOU ALL!

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